QualiChain ready to initiate its pilot at the National technical University of Athens

QualiChain aims to develop a technical solution that can solve various challenges and facilitate easier processes when it comes to education and the labour market. The QualiChain platform will be validated through 4 distinct pilot use cases, one of which will take place in the Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) School of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). This specific pilot case aims to optimise the operation and curriculum design of the university as well as facilitate the validation and verification of skills and qualifications of undergraduate and Ph.D. students. The main goals of this pilot are the following:

  • Provision of analytics and recommendations for the redesign and update of specific courses and by extension the entire curriculum of the school.
  • Smart badge-empowered student accreditation and lecturer validation and recognition through a trusted, immutable and secure Blockchain ledger.

Under that context, the NTUA team that is leading this pilot, has performed extensive analyses of the school’s curriculum and received feedback from professors and students regarding the added value of the QualiChain platform. At the moment, the NTUA team is gathering CVs from the school’s undergraduate and PhD students so that they can be used for analyses and generate personalised recommendations regarding courses, skills and professional opportunities for students. Such data gathering activities are performed according to the legal and ethical obligations of the project as those concern the GDPR and national legislations.

Students and professors of the school have shown great interest in the project and the QualiChain platform and are eager to start experimenting. This phase of the pilot will mainly take place during the 3rd year of the project’s operation and is projected to yield valuable feedback.