Are you looking for a job and would like to adapt your application to different vacancies? Or maybe you are training and want to manage and verify effectively your certificates?

Are you a company, public administration or HR consulting in the process of recruitment? Do you want to count on decision support mechanisms to make the best decision?

Are you a researcher, academic or technologist interested in the application of blockchain, gamification, semantic technologies, data analytics and machine learning techniques?

If the answer is yes, then QualiChain is for you! QualiChain is a research and innovation project aiming to solve these needs. Learn more…



Meet the QualiChain partners: Sofia Mota

In this QualiChain partner interview, we interview Sofia Mota, Director of the Digital Competencies Centre for the Portuguese Public Administration in the Administrative Modernization Agency (AMA), Portugal. Sofia has a degree in Computer Science and Business Management. In the last 20 years, she worked in IT consulting private companies, implementing and managing IT projects for several […]


Meet the QualiChain partners: Carlos Agostinho

We continue our series of QualiChain partner interviews with Carlos Agostinho, Director of Knowledgebiz, Portugal. Carlos holds a PhD in the area of industrial information systems by the Faculty of Science and Technology of the NOVA University of Lisbon (FCT/UNL) and a MSc in Computer Science from the same school. Having a large experience in […]


Meet the QualiChain partners: Foteini Bompoti

In this QualiChain partner interview, we talk to Foteini Bompoti currently serving as a Member of the Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection (ASEP), Greece. Foteini is an attorney-at-law with postgraduate studies in international trade and investment law and arbitration as well as maritime law and economics. She has over eight years of business, research […]

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What are Blockchains?

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Blockchain: Hope or Hype? – John Domingue & Sajida Zouarhi



D7.1-QualiChain Pilots Preparation Handbook

This deliverable is related to the documentation of the evaluation framework and validation methodology, defining the various practices for obtaining feedback from end-users.

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D2.3-QualiChain Implications’ Assessment Framework

This deliverable reports all the recognised implications that an initiative like QualiChain might face during its design, setup and operation.

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D2.2-QualiChain Stakeholders’ Requirements and Use Cases

Being among the core deliverables of the project, D2.2 documents in detail the QualiChain stakeholders’ requirements and the accompanying use cases.

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