Are you looking for a job and would like to adapt your application to different vacancies? Or maybe you are training and want to manage and verify effectively your certificates?

Are you a company, public administration or HR consulting in the process of recruitment? Do you want to count on decision support mechanisms to make the best decision?

Are you a researcher, academic or technologist interested in the application of blockchain, gamification, semantic technologies, data analytics and machine learning techniques?

If the answer is yes, then QualiChain is for you! QualiChain is a research and innovation project aiming to solve these needs. Learn more…



QualiChain passes first review with flying colours

The first formal review of the QualiChain project took place on June 18th, 2020. The review was held online and was attended by representatives from all project partners, the Project Officer, two external reviewers, as well as DG CONNECT representatives. The review was a complete success, with the reviewers and the Project Officer commending the […]


Blockchain-based COVID-19 digital immunity passport

On May 19, researchers from the Open University (OU) delivered a webinar about the world’s first digital application to certify COVID-19 immunity test results. The Open Blockchain team, led by Professor John Domingue, have developed a prototype mobile phone app that enables instant verification of tamper-proof coronavirus test results and vaccination certificates. Speaking about this […]


QualiChain at the 9th eSTEeM conference

The 9th eSTEeM conference took place online on April 29-30, 2020. The conference is organised annually by the Open University, UK. Entitled “Informing Student Success – From Scholarship to Practice”, this year’s programme has been a mix of short orals, workshops and poster presentations, showcasing scholarship work conducted by STEM colleagues. Alexander Mikroyannidis (The Open […]

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What are Blockchains?

Video Jump Points:

Blockchain: Hope or Hype?

A Blockchain-based Decentralised University

Blockchains, Fact and Fiction: a Legal Perspective

A Blockchain-based COVID-19 Digital Immunity Passport


Serranito, D., Vasconcelos, A., Guerreiro, S. and Correia, M. (2020) Blockchain Ecosystem for Verifiable Qualifications, 2nd Conference on Blockchain Research & Applications for Innovative Networks and Services (BRAINS 2020), Paris, France.

Belchior, R., Vasconcelos, A. and Correia, M. (2020) Towards Secure, Decentralized, and Automatic Audits with Blockchain, European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS).

Siassiakos, K., Bompoti, F., Papaioannou, T., Stagka, K., Zarafidis, P. and Pavli, A. (2020) Exploring Blockchain for Public Sector Recruitment, The 12th International Conference on Mobile, Hybrid, and On-line Learning (eLmL 2020), Valencia, Spain.

Mikroyannidis, A. (2020) Blockchain Applications in Education: A Case Study in Lifelong Learning, The 12th International Conference on Mobile, Hybrid, and On-line Learning (eLmL 2020), Valencia, Spain.

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D8.5-Dissemination and Communication Plan Update and Activities Report, Version I

This deliverable updates and describes the dissemination and communication strategy and the activities followed during the reporting period, as well as key results.

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D5.1-QualiChain Integrated Architecture

This deliverable reports on the QualiChain architecture diagrams and all design documents regarding the Platform.

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D3.1-QualiChain Baseline Services Foundations, Version I

This deliverable provides the 1st version of the Baseline Services developed in WP3. It includes software architecture details, source code and documentation of implementation and testing.

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