Are you looking for a job and would like to adapt your application to different vacancies? Or maybe you are training and want to manage and verify effectively your certificates?

Are you a company, public administration or HR consulting in the process of recruitment? Do you want to count on decision support mechanisms to make the best decision?

Are you a researcher, academic or technologist interested in the application of blockchain, gamification, semantic technologies, data analytics and machine learning techniques?

If the answer is yes, then QualiChain is for you! QualiChain is a research and innovation project aiming to solve these needs. Learn more about QualiChain…

QualiChain is conducting pilots in 4 key areas. Learn more about the QualiChain pilots…

QualiChain is collaborating with several projects and initiatives. Learn more about the QualiChain collaborations…



QualiChain organises Special Journal Issue

The QualiChain project is organising a special issue on Blockchain-Based Decentralised Solutions for Learner Empowerment, Education Reengineering and Public Sector Transformation. This special issue will be published in the new Elsevier journal Blockchain: Research and Applications. This special issue explores how learner empowerment, education reengineering and public sector transformation can be achieved via blockchain-based decentralised solutions. […]


QualiChain at the OERxDomains Conference

The OERxDomains Conference took place online on April 21-22 as a special edition of the 12th annual conference for Open Education research, practice and policy. The conference was organised by the Association for Learning Technology in partnership with Reclaim Hosting’s Domains Conference, thus incorporating a special strand hosted by the Domains Conference and bringing two communities together. This year’s […]


QualiChain at the European Blockchain Convention 2021

QualiChain has attended the European Blockchain Convention that took place online on April 12-16. The European Blockchain Convention is the leading Blockchain Conference for Business in Europe, attracting tech leaders, regulators, investors, corporations, developers and entrepreneurs from the Blockchain industry. The mission of this event is to provide world-class content in collaboration with the brightest minds […]

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What are Blockchains?

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Blockchain: Hope or Hype?

Learn more about Blockchains


Vasylkovskyi, V., Guerreiro, S. and Sequeira, J. (2021) Designing and Validating a Blockchain-based Architecture to Enforce Privacy in Human Robot Interaction, 54th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (p. 566).

Vasylkovskyi, V., Guerreiro, S., & Sequeira, J. S. (2020) BlockRobot: Increasing Privacy in Human Robot Interaction by Using Blockchain, IEEE International Conference on Blockchain (Blockchain) (pp. 106-115). IEEE.

Guerreiro, S. L., Silva, D., Rosado, T., Vasconcelos, A., Correia, M. and Sousa, P. (2020) Decentralized Business Process Control using Blockchain, Enterprise Modelling and Information Systems Architectures (EMISAJ), 15, 15-1.

Zarafidis, P., Siassiakos, K., Askounis, D., Strotos, D. and Deriziotis, P. (2020) Blockchain in recruitement – Greek public sector analysis and the QualiChain solution, International Journal on Advances in Intelligent Systems, Vol. 13, No. 3 & 4, 239-247.

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D4.3-QualiChain Value Adding Services Foundations, Final Version

Based on the early validation and feedback received, this deliverable updates the previous D4.2 with additional developments and bug-fixing activities.

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D3.3-QualiChain Baseline Services Foundations, Final Version

This deliverable provides the final version of the Baseline Services developed in WP3. It is the improved, refined, version of D3.2 (Version II) which has been improved according to feedback from pilots.

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D7.4-QualiChain Pilots Execution Documentation, Release II

This series of deliverables documents the pilots' operation and execution. These reports also evaluate the various consequent versions of the QualiChain platform.

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