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QualiChain organises Special Journal Issue

The QualiChain project is organising a special issue on Blockchain-Based Decentralised Solutions for Learner Empowerment, Education Reengineering and Public Sector Transformation. This special issue will be published in the new Elsevier journal Blockchain: Research and Applications. This special issue explores how learner empowerment, education reengineering and public sector transformation can be achieved via blockchain-based decentralised solutions. […]

QualiChain at the OERxDomains Conference

The OERxDomains Conference took place online on April 21-22 as a special edition of the 12th annual conference for Open Education research, practice and policy. The conference was organised by the Association for Learning Technology in partnership with Reclaim Hosting’s Domains Conference, thus incorporating a special strand hosted by the Domains Conference and bringing two communities together. This year’s […]

QualiChain at the European Blockchain Convention 2021

QualiChain has attended the European Blockchain Convention that took place online on April 12-16. The European Blockchain Convention is the leading Blockchain Conference for Business in Europe, attracting tech leaders, regulators, investors, corporations, developers and entrepreneurs from the Blockchain industry. The mission of this event is to provide world-class content in collaboration with the brightest minds […]

QualiChain presented at the General Assembly of the Hellenic Blockchain Hub

On March 30 2021, QualiChain was presented in the context of the annual General Assembly of the Hellenic Blockchain Hub. Dr. Panagiotis Kokkinakos provided a short overview of the QualiChain project, while Panagiotis Zarafidis presented the QualiChain pilot lead by HeP/ASEP. The event participants expressed high interest on QualiChain in general, and the HeP/ASEP pilot […]

The QualiChain pilot flyers have landed

The 5 pilots of the QualiChain project now have brand new flyers. The flyers provide an overview of each pilot, its objectives, the targeted stakeholders, as well as the main scenario. The flyers are available in the languages of each pilot, i.e., English, Greek and Portuguese. The flyers can be downloaded from here.

ASEP signs Memorandum of Understanding with Hellenic Blockchain Hub

The Supreme Council for Personnel Selection (ASEP, Hellenic Parliament’s linked third party) and the Hellenic Blockchain Hub (HBH) agreed to build cooperation by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on January 22, 2021. HBH is a non-profit network of executives from the public and private sector aiming at the dissemination of knowledge on the blockchain […]

QualiChain articles at the International Journal on Advances in Intelligent Systems

The latest issue of the International Journal on Advances in Intelligent Systems has been published and includes 5 articles from QualiChain project partners. These articles have been invited and are extended versions of the papers published in the proceedings of the QualiChain Special Track, organised in the context of the 12th International Conference on Mobile, Hybrid, […]

QualiChain at the ARI Digital Show 2020

The ARI Digital Show is an event hosted annually by Atos Research and Innovation to present our experience and achievements resulting from our work in research projects. Due to the current pandemic crisis, this year the Digital Show went virtual and this gave us the chance to open it to the whole Atos community. The […]

QualiChain holds online plenary meeting

The consortium of the QualiChain project held an online plenary meeting on January 25-26, 2021. Representatives from all project partners joined the meeting to discuss the latest project developments and plan their next activities. The QualiChain project targets the creation, piloting and evaluation of a decentralised platform for storing, sharing and verifying education and employment […]

QualiChain meets with BlockAdemic and Web2Learn

On January 29 2021, Dr. Katerina Zourou (representing BlockAdemic and Web2Learn) met Dr. Panagiotis Kokkinakos (representing QualiChain and DSSLab NTUA), with the objective to enable cross-fertilisation of ideas, share lessons-learnt and identify potential synergies that may arise. The domain of education, and education innovated by new technologies in particular, as well as the use of […]