QualiChain at IEEE Engineering Day 2020

The IEEE Engineering Day 2020 will take place on WebEx on November 27, between 2pm and 6pm (Portugal time, GMT). QualiChain will be represented by Professor Miguel Pupo Correia (INESC-ID, Portugal), who will deliver the special session: “Blockchain Cross-Borders: The European Blockchain Services Infrastructure”.

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology are overcoming a period of exploration and use cases to become adopted by companies to solve real problems that require distributed trust. A significant area of application is logistics and its subarea of supply chain. This talk will present the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI), a major European initiative that aims to support cross-border services. The initial focus of the EBSI is public services, but the objective is to expand it to private applications. Logistics and supply chain will be able to leverage the EBSI both in the medium and the long terms.

Participants can register here.